Don’t Stop Looking Until You Find It!

We have had a little cutie-pie, five year old visiting with us here the past few days.  All week she had been asking me about my girl and wanting to know where my girl was.   “Where is your girl?” she would ask.  I kept telling her that I don’t have a little girl.  A friend of mine stopped by to drop off fresh black berries that she and her granddaughter had picked for me, just before we were having one of these conversations.  She had her granddaughter with her and I thought this may have been who she was thinking about.  When I asked if that was who she meant, she looked at me like I was a bit loose in the leaves and rolled her eyes at me.  She climbed down out of the tall chair she was sitting in, got a hold of my hand and led me into the living room to show me who she was talking about.  She points to a picture sitting on an end table and says, “There!  That is your girl.”  Ahhh… yes, that is definitely my girl, alright.  Not only my girl, but a big chunk of my heart as well!

Yes, this would be the self-same Barbie playing, purple dinosaur loving, toenail painting, blue-eyed, blonde girlie that has been one of the biggest parts of my life for the past twenty-four years now.  This particular picture that was being shown to me was taken when she was about five years old.  I am not so sure that my little munchkin was looking for my girl as much as she was looking for a playmate that was about her age.  Isn’t that how it goes?  We are all looking for something, aren’t we?

It just so happens that this little ball of fun and her family, were part of the group of about sixty of us that spent last weekend in Panama City, Florida, celebrating, as my oldest niece lived out the dream that she has had since she was a tiny thing… her perfect, beautiful, dream wedding.  Yes, she had been searching and seeking that fairy tale for as long as she could play princess. (And let me add, to wipe out any anticipation, that she definitely got her prince!)

This particular niece and I had a conversation, when she was probably about twenty.  She was bemoaning the fact that her friends were dating steady, some of them were engaged already, while she still had not found the “one.”  Would she NEVER find the one?  Would she be ALL alone for the rest of her life?!  I had to laugh at her melodrama, considering who she was talking to; seeing as I was over fifty at the time and unmarried.  I think she had a deep seated fear that she would end up, alone <EEK!>, like me!  I told her that she had plenty of time and that she would find that special someone to share her life with when the time was right.  I tried to convince her to slow down and enjoy every moment of her life.  Everything would all work out in due time!

As it turns out, she did find that “just right one” when she was least expecting it!  I think they were both not really expecting it to happen when it did.  They were living their lives and bumped into each other and it just seem to be there.  I hope she will tell their story some day, because it really is beautiful!  So I am not going to tell her story here, but to say that she found the person that is just right for her.

The wedding weekend was such fun!  I think, when they decided to go with the destination wedding, that they figured they might possibly have a handful of folks in attendance.  I believe we were all surprised when they ended up with right at sixty in attendance.  I was happy for them.  For me, I think it helped make the destination wedding seem a little more traditional.

Just picture it…. from the hotel balcony, eight stories up, we watched as they were setting up the beach for a wedding.  First they smoothed out the sand and then put up the dark arbor, strewn with white and red strips of gauzy fabric intertwined with flowers and greenery.  Then they sat up five rows of red chairs with ribbons streaming in the ocean breeze, all facing toward the sunset.  Then there was one last pass to create the aisle for the bride to walk on.  What a beautiful setting…. if you don’t consider the angry, black, threatening rain-filled clouds dancing out toward the sunset on the cusp of the ocean.  Once it was evident that the storm was rolling in, and rolling in quickly, the bridal party decided to at least get some pictures in before the storm.

I am sad to say that they were not very successful at beating the weather.  The storm was moving much faster than anticipated.  The entire bridal party was caught in a monsoon!  The bride, who was so beautiful in her flowing white gown, was completely engulfed when gusts of wind were billowing and blowing rain to completely drench this picture of perfection!

Wait a minute… hold on a second…. “I’m confused.” you say.  “This does not sound like the princess, dream wedding you were talking about two minutes ago.  What is up?”  Well, actually, this scene was the day after our beautiful, picture-perfect wedding, at my cousin’s hotel down the beach a few miles.  It is just that, well, I felt so bad for the bride and groom that I thought they needed a lovely mention of their wedding somewhere!  I certainly hope they had a backup plan!!

But as for our bride and groom’s wedding day, it was partly sunny, very warm, breezy and beautiful!  There was the very real possibility of rain, but it just teased us a little with the fact that it could come if it so chose….which it did not.  The light colored arbor was decorated in breezy, cascading strips of white fabric with bunches of white flowers hanging from each side.  There were also bunches of white flowers hanging adjacent to the five rows of white, wooden chairs which sat on each side of a beautifully crafted, sandy, center aisle (of which the minister had to keep saying, “DON’T walk down the center!” Glad I was not the only one he had to yell at!)  The bride was amazingly beautiful, the groom splendidly handsome.  The looks on both of their faces when they saw each other for the first time that day were priceless!  The ceremony was short and very sweet, ending with (apparently) a traditional beach, sand ceremony.  As they kissed, just before sunset, my heart nearly burst for happiness for this special couple, who truly looked like a real life Cinderella and Prince Charming!

They both have found something remarkable in life.  They have found, and cultivated a special relationship that few people can attain.  My prayer for them is that they will make their marriage a party of three… God first, and each other equally above all others.

In this life, we are all searching for something.  In most instances, this is relationship.  We are creatures that were created for relationship – relationship with each other, but most importantly, relationship with our God.  For those out there that have found that precious union with another, cherish it and treasure it and guard it with all that you have.  For me, although I have never been an earthly bride, my hope rests in my heavenly Bridegroom and the special relationship that I share with Him each and every day of my life, and the eternal hope that I have for a life everlasting.

Anthony and Wrylin, Congratulations!  I love you “both” more!


Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.  But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.   Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm.  But how can one keep warm alone?  Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.  A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”  ~~ Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 

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