The Light We Don’t Have to Lose

We had snow this morning, big, fat, juicy flakes that dropped and clung to every surface, piling up, settling as mounds of fluffy white.  As I gaze out the window upon a winter wonderland, I inhale the beauty - because the rain is on the way, and the unsullied covering blanketing all imperfections will soon be gone.  As young… Continue reading The Light We Don’t Have to Lose

Oh Christmas Tree, What Do I See?

There are times in life when you just have to uncurl your unyielding, icy fingers and let things drop from the death grip with which you are clutching them, especially old traditions that have simply become inflexible customs.  The after effects can be surprisingly refreshing, as I was able to experience over the past Thanksgiving… Continue reading Oh Christmas Tree, What Do I See?