Don’t Close Your Eyes

I mean this in the nicest way possible (which quite possibly is impossible!), "Some people are irresponsibly, abrasively, irritatingly, annoying!"  There, I said it.  As we were out and about late one afternoon this past week, we decided to stop at a "Local" place and have dinner.  We had been running since early morning and neither of… Continue reading Don’t Close Your Eyes

Seeing to the Other Side of the Scary Bridge

So there he was, this eight-year old. towheaded boy, cautiously, silently, slowly trying to cross the scary bridge.  Recent flooding rains had caused the normally docile creek to be turned into a raging torrent, seemingly ready to overflow the banks, coming close to reaching the top of the bridge.  My great-grandmother, standing on her front… Continue reading Seeing to the Other Side of the Scary Bridge