A Bit About Me

I love to make new friends. I have been writing since I was old enough to pick up a pencil. I love to send and receive old-fashioned, hand-written letters! The growth process of making a new friend (the old fashioned way) is so much fun. You start with a shell; you each add bits and pieces a little at a time. If it’s meant to be, you build something beautiful and lasting.

The most important thing in the world to me is my God and my relationship with Jesus Christ. He has poured His love out on me in such abundance that it can’t be put into words.  My family comes in a close second.  My parents, Eugene and Gayle, celebrated their 44th anniversary October 1999. Then we lost dad to lung cancer in December (1999).

I’m very old fashioned and I like that about me. People who appreciate the simpler things in life interest me. I have a deep (if somewhat misguided) faith in the basic goodness of people, and total faith in God; I know that He loves/understands/forgives me even when I’m not doing so well!

I love to find out about people who have the same kinds of values and interests that I have (you know, old fashioned & down-home). I find it fascinating to learn how people in different parts of the country (or world) like to spend their time. I’m always interested in learning about the history of an area. You know … IF you are on the map, what put you there? I’ve received some really interesting stories from new friends in different parts of the country/world.

I have a variety of interests, so it’s hard to pinpoint just a few. I love to meet new people (all ages). I’m a writer–every kind of writing–but mostly journaling. I’ve written a few short stories for children. I’m a history nut — a lover of old, ancient, and interesting. I love to create, and when my vision allowed it, create with my hands in a needlepoint picture or, even still now, with my words in a poem or story.  Blogging is new.  It is somewhat intimidating, but I am becoming a little more comfortable with each post.

I live in the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains and I love it. I had a short love affair with skiing, but my ultimate favorite vacation spot is still the beach. The sound of the surf can always soothe, calm, and inspire me; and watching a storm blow in over the ocean is an awesome adventure!

My life changed when my vision became impaired to the point of legal blindness.  I am learning new skills and learning that life is not as scary as I first thought when the vision loss happened.  I am now also a cancer survivor.  I can’t quite put that into words yet, it is so new.  None-the-less, life is good and I feel blessed to be given another day to do my favorite thing…write.  I hope that I can bring some light to your day.  My posts will be random subjects and stories.  As annoying as it may be to some, I do tend to make up my own words when I can’t find the right one from time to time. That is just me, especially now.  I am kind of random and still willing to tackle an adventure.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!  I pray that you will be blessed. 

To fully understand my story, you may want to begin at “the beginning!”  Here is the link to my very first blog post from July of 2017.