See the Difference Between Leaving and Going Out From

There is a difference between ‘leaving’ and ‘going out from’. You can leave a place or a situation with no thoughts or intentions of going back or having any additional involvement. But when you ‘go out from’ those places or situations, you carry them with you to be able to utilize the relationships and experiences… Continue reading See the Difference Between Leaving and Going Out From

Peering Back at Perfection

Mostly, I am able to muster up a positive, optimistic attitude. Sometimes the day just dang gets me though.  This week contained one of those days.  You know...the quest for perfection is an ugly monster. Last week’s bi-annual eye specialist appointment was a bit discouraging. I knew, looking out from the inside, that something was not… Continue reading Peering Back at Perfection

Through Babe’s Eyes

Babe's needs are pretty basic:  shelter, food, water, exercise and love.  Her schedule never really changes from day to day.  She is getting a little older and a little slower.  She sleeps more and she gets cranky more often. But then, aren’t we all?!  Babe is my niece’s nine (nearly ten) year old Boxer.  Well,… Continue reading Through Babe’s Eyes

I Don’t See Spiders Like I Used To!

So, my planned topic this week was French toast and the recollections that surround my sometimes... ahhhh... umm... ineffective attempts at preparing this simple dish.  That intention was unashamedly ambushed.  As the week has progressed and cooler, crisper weather has moved in, I have been forced to conduct my annual (bi-annual actually), relocation of spiders duty...and yes, that was the nice way of putting… Continue reading I Don’t See Spiders Like I Used To!

As Long as You Can See the Double Line…

With everything going on this past week, the sadness that has overtaken our country in a crazy and unfathomable way, it has been a struggle to sit down and concentrate enough to be able to write something light and cheery over the past few days.  I think I am pretty sheltered.... no, I know I am very… Continue reading As Long as You Can See the Double Line…

A Glimpse of a Summer Camp Kid

Another summer of hot sun, purple petunias, splashes of ice-cold sweet tea and sweaty front porch settin' has come to a close.  As most people are packing the season away to make room for fall's  cooler temperatures, yellow mums, cinnamon and spice ​cider and snuggling on the couch, I am not quite ready to let… Continue reading A Glimpse of a Summer Camp Kid