What Does It Look Like to Be Dependent on God?

Yes, it has been a little while. God will throw me back into this when He is tired of my slacking! I have started a handful of posts in the past few months, but could not get up steam on them. This one would not let me be.

This post came from a verse mapping I was doing for a women’s retreat we will be having at our church in the spring. We have four areas of focus for the retreat. One of the areas is about being dependent on God. I didn’t realize, until I was finished, how these verses were going to speak to me, and how badly I needed the message. I wasn’t really trying to glean something for myself. I was trying to find a focal point that tied in with the theme of our event. Ah…. that’s not how God works though. He always has a plan and always knows what our needs are. If you are in God’s Word, and searching…seeking, He will fill you up with what He wants you to receive, which He already knows you need.

I’ll just jump right in with what I came up with….. 

Here were the verses I was mapping:

The LORD taketh my part with them that help me: therefore shall I see my desire upon them that hate me. It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.” (Ps 118:7-8 ~ KJV)

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. a He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.” (Psalm 23:1-3 ~ KJV)

To explain a little about my verse mapping process – when I am verse mapping, my initial “go to” is my good ole “tecarta phone app’s Life Application Study Bible.” I will include a little background for the Bible books I am reviewing. The Life Application Bible has a very good overview of each Bible book. (I am not tied down to one reference guide, but this is my favorite.) Then I will go through Strong’s Concordance and find word meanings from the original translations to enhance my understanding. Next I will look for cross references to the verses I am mapping. Then I go back through the Life Application Bible‘s notes on each chapter/verse. Finally. I check other study resources (i.e, concordances, reference materials, commentaries, and such.)

Sounds kind of regimented? Possibly.  I just know that I have to have structure and order.  It’s so funny.  The folks I used to work with thought I was “so” organized.  That is so hilariously funny.  The truth is that I am so unorganized that I have to be organized to avoid chaos. <sigh> Sad but true.  

So I went through my study process. I made all my research notes. Then I got started with my favorite part of the process. This is the part that puts me into the picture. First I’ll paraphrase the verses as to what I believe they are saying to me. Then I try to determine what the scriptures mean to my faith. I try to find a way that they apply to my daily life. I ponder any questions that come up as I am going through the process. Then finally, I make it a prayer to the God I am seeking.

I wanted to share the rest of the process notes for these verses about being dependent on God, because once I got into the process, I realized it was what I needed to hear at this time in my life.

My Paraphrase Psalm 118:7-8:

The Lord is surrounding me, every moment, working for me, upholding those that are on my side……

……. I will see victory from my battles with those that are against me!

Oh, how much better it is to put myself in God’s hands………

……. than to count on man (human kind) to be there for me when what I truly need is God.

My Paraphrase Psalm 23:1-3

The Lord is the One who watches over me…….

……. I will never be in want for the things I need. 

My Lord allows me to rest in safe, secure places where my soul can find quiet and peace……

……. this is a place of renewal and refreshment.

My Lord shows me the right paths to take…….

……. He does this so His Name, and His Word,  will remain whole and strong. 

What this means to my faith:

My faith is strengthened and undergird by the knowledge that the Lord is surrounding me with every breath I breathe. He is my Shepherd, my Caregiver, and He wants me to be successful and strengthened by the battles I face. It helps to know, from experience, that counting on God is much more beneficial than counting on man. He will allow me to battle, but He is always a breath away from stepping in and finishing up what I cannot finish. My faith is strengthened more each time I see my God come through for me — when He gives me provision, victory, rest and replenishment! The more He is there for me, the more I have confidence that He will forever be!!!

How it applies to my daily life:

I should use this knowledge to be strengthen in His promises to me. I should lean into Him when I feel like life is becoming too much.  I should face my battles with Him as my shield bearer, knowing He is out in front of me.  (What better shield bearer could we have!?!)  I should face each day with confidence in His provision and sink into His arms for rest and refreshment. 

Questions I have for digging into scripture:

What are some areas of my life that I can apply God’s promises to strengthen me?


Lord, help me see the places in my life where I depend on myself or others that I should be depending on You. Help me to daily realize that I need to lean hard on You to see me through life’s daily battles (even if it is just a cup of coffee splattered all over the TV room!) I thank You and praise You for every situation where You have brought me through — either by the knowledge gained through victory or the lessons learned from defeat. You are my God, You are continually there. You are there, the One I should be dependent on. I acknowledge and find joy in this fact! You ARE my forever! In the name of Jesus!

There. That’s it. I’m thinking that might be a little bit what it looks like to be dependent on God. I know I need Him more and more, and I need to depend on Him more and more.

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