Seeing to the Other Side of the Scary Bridge

So there he was, this eight-year old. towheaded boy, cautiously, silently, slowly trying to cross the scary bridge.  Recent flooding rains had caused the normally docile creek to be turned into a raging torrent, seemingly ready to overflow the banks, coming close to reaching the top of the bridge.  My great-grandmother, standing on her front … Continue reading Seeing to the Other Side of the Scary Bridge

Seeing Adventures Behind and Ahead

Sometimes a destination is as much about the getting there as the actual destination itself.  This particular destination (our recent beach trip to see my niece get married) was a joyful celebration; but the journey (the eighteen hours in one extremely small vehicle) was another thing all together!  So, last week's blog covered the destination, the beautiful beach wedding that we were able to … Continue reading Seeing Adventures Behind and Ahead

Don’t Stop Looking Until You Find It!

We have had a little cutie-pie, five year old visiting with us here the past few days.  All week she had been asking me about my girl and wanting to know where my girl was.   "Where is your girl?" she would ask.  I kept telling her that I don't have a little girl.  A friend of mine stopped … Continue reading Don’t Stop Looking Until You Find It!