If Consequences Were Easily Visible

How do you put a feeling or an emotion that jumps right out of your chest and stares you right in the eye into words? As you are trying to hold it still so you can look at it, the referenced memory tries to squirm and wiggle away from you before you can grasp it.  Sometimes those little… Continue reading If Consequences Were Easily Visible

Look What is Peeking Out of the Greenhouse Door

Was having a mini crisis the other night about 10:00 PM or so. I kept thinking that I heard something on the back porch. I kept hearing it and kept hearing it. I looked through the peep hole and could see nothing on the porch. Finally, I opened the back door, cautiously, and looked out. (Yes,… Continue reading Look What is Peeking Out of the Greenhouse Door

French Toast is Not Supposed to Look Like That!

Back in the late sixties there were not many times that I had exclusive access to my mom's kitchen.  Let's face it, at that point in time, no one had access to my mom's tiny kitchen.  I would not have had any access if she had been present.  I would hazard a guess to say it… Continue reading French Toast is Not Supposed to Look Like That!

Just One More Look

Yesterday was one of the most hilariously frustrating days that I have had in a while.  I became one of those people that the ones on the other side of a support call are rolling-in-the floor laughing at!  The day actually started out decent. Since it was extremely cold outside, I snuggled in the nice warm bed late and then just stayed inside all… Continue reading Just One More Look