What Does Christmas Look Like to You?

So, this week I am taking a break and throwing a question out to you.

What does Christmas look like to you?

I’d love to hear about your Christmas traditions.

Do they include family, friends, strangers?

What is the first Christmas you remember?

What is the best or the “not-so-best?”

What was your favorite gift received?

What was your favorite gift given?

Off to address Christmas cards tonight!



From my friend

Jeanna Seibers:

I can tell you that I remember one evening that Chad and I came to see you at the beginning of the Christmas season and you were laying in the floor practically under the tree. You were putting lights on the tree and Gayle said you were wrapping lights around every single branch from beginning to end to make every branch perfect. And when you were done, it did look perfect. I think about that every Christmas when I start to decorate my tree. I miss seeing you guys. Merry Christmas!


From my friend

Linda Farmer Thompson:

Seeing the manger scenes is what I love about Christmas, and of course being with family and friends


From my childhood friend

Frances Clark Justice:

Loved and still love family all being together. The excitement leading up to it and the peacefulness of it as a kid. Now that I’m the one buying all the gifts I can’t believe my Mom was able to do it but she sure loved Christmas. Christmases at her house are my favorite memories. Still having it there with the family since Bonnie moved in but not quite the same. Making memories of my own now at my house. Hope my children and grandchildren will look back on these memories one day and smile.

I almost forgot Christmas music starting the day after Thanksgiving!


From my friend (and Biggest Fan!)

Linda Baird Daily:

Christmas Eve the year my son was 4. My brother and his wife brought their 2 kids down and with mine and my parents we celebrated Christmas. (Christmas day was at my grandmothers) So, Christmas Eve the kids got all sorts of nice expensive gifts. Then we all turned around and there they were, all three of them in the big box that held all the gifts. They were playing and just happy as larks with all their toys lying all over my mom & dad’s den and them in the box.


From family friend

Brenda Runyon:

The best christmas’ I remember was as a child. Not just one but all when growing up and all my dad’s family and grandma Marcum came to our house for the holidays and they were wonderful days gone by.I cherish all those days,one by one. I cant say I remember bad times, but sad times now,since our family are most gone and others go their own ways, so our family has grown small, but we still have to move on and look forward to a big reunion in the sky someday soon. The best gift I have ever,was first becoming a child of the king,and then my children and grandchildren. My favorite gift given is the love to my children and grandchildren..Nothing like the love of an innocent child,so pure and true..A little long post, but a lot on my heart tonight and heaviness..God bless you and yours Elaine


From Friend (…the first friend that I made on my first day of my senior year in a new state, city, school!)

Pamela Wages:

My Moms favorite time of the year is Christmas so every Christmas we had as kids was wonderful. My brother Steve and I always went out on the farm, with Mom or Dads help of course when we were younger, and found a beautiful live tree to chop down and bring home a couple weeks before Christmas. Mom and the four of us kids always decorated the tree. Mom would start the Christmas candies and other goodies as well. I shared a room with my sister and my brothers shared a room on the opposite end of the house so it was tough to keep an eye on the Santa drop without my brothers help. I usually wanted to be surprised on Christmas morning but Steve and Tammie always liked to peak or preview, if you will, what was under the tree.My Dad had a CB radio back in those days and so his friends in the county would track Santa as he flew into the county. Although we knew the truth about Santa, it was so much fun to hear the call over that radio that Santa had arrived in the county and was heading over the mountain heading our direction. Probably my favorite Christmas was the one when I wanted a guitar. My Mom and Dad won a contest that year and won a nice big shiney guitar. No one in our family had a musical bone in their body so I guess they decided to sell that guitar. I so wanted to play with it but it was gone so quickly I didn’t get a chance. Thus the reason I wanted one for Christmas. I remember telling my Mom that the only thing I wanted for Christmas was a new guitar. That year my brothers had a set of walk-in talkies and so I was so excited about getting the guitar that My brothers agreed to giving Tammie and I a walkie talkie to get updates through out the night. Needless to say, the call finally came in from Steve that my guitar was under the tree and I was the happiest kid in the world. My Mom was the most fair Mother in the world I think. We always got the major item on our list and we always had the same number of gifts. We were poor country kids but my Dad always raised and sold a tobacco crop so Christmas was a special time of year because we never received toys any other time of year. We had a 165 acre farm to roam around on and we used our imaginations to create all kinds of fun things to do outside on the farm when we were not helping work in tobacco or doing other chores such as mowing the yard, working in the cornfield or helping Mom with the canning. My Mom always had a huge garden and Daddy always saw to it that we had a milk cow, we had our own chickens and Daddy raised hogs as well. Needless to say, we didn’t go to the grocery store much either as our family was pretty much sustained by things we grew or fed on the farm. We had the perfect childhood living on that farm and so Christmas was a most special time of year every year.

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