How Do We See the Nativity?

My fourteen year old niece and I attended Christmas at the Smoky Mountain Opry this week with a group from church.  Technically, it was the senior-citizen's group, and though I'm not quite there yet, I totally enjoy hanging out and going places with this awesome group of folks.  Over the past twenty-three years I have, at … Continue reading How Do We See the Nativity?

What Does Christmas Look Like to You?

So, this week I am taking a break and throwing a question out to you. What does Christmas look like to you? I'd love to hear about your Christmas traditions. Do they include family, friends, strangers? What is the first Christmas you remember? What is the best or the "not-so-best?" What was your favorite gift received? … Continue reading What Does Christmas Look Like to You?

The Perception of the Heart

Winter is trying its best to sneak into our sheltered little valley.  Baby, it is definitely cold out there!  I suppose, as it is starting to get a little closer to Christmas, that colder temperatures and, yes, even a little snow, will be welcomed; especially Christmas snow and all of the wonder we associate with … Continue reading The Perception of the Heart

The Lights on the Tree, Among Other Things

Today was the first time in a long time that I just could not get moving. I am fighting an upper respiratory “something” and probably need to go to the doctor. But, thanks to two insurance companies fighting over who "owns" me, I essentially do not have any insurance! So today, I "took a day." … Continue reading The Lights on the Tree, Among Other Things