A Glimpse of a Summer Camp Kid

Another summer of hot sun, purple petunias, splashes of ice-cold sweet tea and sweaty front porch settin' has come to a close.  As most people are packing the season away to make room for fall's  cooler temperatures, yellow mums, cinnamon and spice ​cider and snuggling on the couch, I am not quite ready to let… Continue reading A Glimpse of a Summer Camp Kid

Looking Back on Messy Toes, Tents and Scooby-Doo

Looking back, thinking of your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and such is sort of like taking homemade picture shows that you load up and watch in your memory from time to time.  The making of those memories in the first place is a sacred, special time.  Some of those homemade picture show memories are very… Continue reading Looking Back on Messy Toes, Tents and Scooby-Doo